Hi there, my name is Meg and my life is a work in progress.

I have always been active and enjoyed most forms of physical exercise, but heading towards 2012 I noticed that my body was playing tricks on me. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons – I refuse to call it a Disease as it is not something you catch.

Well, I was shocked and upset, but I was also determined to prove the Professionals wrong. I also kept it to myself (apart from family) as I was embarrassed and wanted everyone to think of me as Meg and not Meg With Parkinsons. I tried to keep focus and keep a fit body. I was always disappointed with the gyms I tried due to the lack of interest shown towards me as a customer. After I had achieved my goal of an overseas bike ride I lost focus and let myself slide badly.

Then during 2014 my daughter introduced me to an amazing women called Mim Parisi and my life changed again. This is when I learnt to tell people that I had Parkinsons. Mim and her crew were so professional knowing exactly what my limitations were and adjusting my training programs constantly and yet still treated me as an equal. I remember the first time I wore a singlet and not a t-shirt to training and Mim instantly acknowledged this. Such a small thing but it was a secret goal of mine and I felt that I wasn’t just a number to her.

With some injuries and health issues I have let myself slide again, but I am slowly on the come back trail. Some of my medications have crazy side effects causing mood changes, hallucinations and uncontrollable and impulsive behaviour. I am not out gambling,drinking and partying my life away – although that could be fun – but I am losing the battle at the moment staying up till all hours and just eating anything I can find. It is so weird as I didn’t do this before! Seeing this in print I can see how “stupid” I am and am more determined to control this.

Yes, my challenges will be forever with me but I know that I am at the right place here.

Boxing and how it helps me :

Cognitive function.. learning those damn numbers and remembering a different sequence each week, processing speed, sustained attention and mental flexibility.

Motor benefits..high intensity relaxes muscle stiffness, promotes rhythmic walking backwards and forwards, muscle strength, core strength and balance plus self esteem.

I love this place!!!